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We're looking forward to seeing you at the rush events in Fall 2019!

Amsterdam Billiards & Pizza

Monday Feb 4th: 7-9pm
Join us at Amsterdam Billiards (near Third North) for a few hours of pool and pizza

Meet at Kimmel Steps at 6:30
Meet at Tandon Steps at 6:15


Poker Night & Insomnia Cookies  

Friday Feb 8th: 7-9pm

Everybody place your bets! Poker Night is a great night to chat with brothers and maybe even win the grand prize at the end of the night by playing blackjack, 5-card poker, and texas holdem. Everybody gets an equal share of poker chips, and the player with the most chips at the end of the night wins the grand prize! 

Meet at Kimmel Steps at 6:30
Meet at Tandon Steps at 6:15

BBQ House Tours

(Invite Only) 

Wednesday Feb 13th: 7-9pm

We're really proud of our frat house, it's the only remaining legal fraternity house in New York City. Built in 1910, we moved in in 1940. It's a 5 floor brownstone in Brooklyn Heights with a rooftop view of downtown Manhattan.  Come by 36 Sidney Place and enjoy a BBQ with us and then explore the house!

Meet at Kimmel Steps at 6:30
Meet at Tandon Steps at 6:15


NYU Events


Contact the Recruitment Chair

Wednesday, Jan 30th: 12-6pm Clubfest (Kimmel)

Wednesday, Jan 30th: 7-9pm Meet the Greeks (Kimmel E&L)

Thursday, Jan 31st: 12pm-4pm Tandon Clubfest


Shan Chowdhury 


Phone Number: 718-465-1268





Contribute to the future of
Lambda Chi Alpha

Take this opportunity to contribute to and shape the lives of our future brothers by providing them with the resources and opportunities needed to develop themselves. There are many ways to donate and give back to the chapter.


Lambda Chi Alpha in the News


Matt la rosa in forbes 30 under 30


Brooklyn-based Edenworks created an aquaponic system that enables the farming of both plants and fish in the same place. The self-regulating indoor system enables them to sustainably grow fresh and ready-to-eat food year round.

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Lambda Chi Alpha and NYDM

Thanks to all brothers for participating in the 2018 NYDM and helping to raise over $607,000. Congrats to IFC President, Brother Alex Modric, and Honorary Brother Michael on winning Best Buddies. Looking forward to putting in another great year of fundraising to combat cancer!